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Forsyth Missouri

Building and Planning

The City of Forsyth Building Department would like to assist you with your building project. We are available to answer any questions that you might have in relation to building codes as well as the City of Forsyth Ordinances. We hope that the following will help you understand our permit process.      

The City of Forsyth typically requires permits for the following Commercial and Residential projects:       

* New Buildings                       * Additions

* Renovations                         * Demolitions

* Prefabricated Structures      * Temporary Building

* Electrical Systems                 * HVAC Systems    

* Plumbing Systems     

The list is not all inclusive, it is always a good idea to call the Building Department (417) 546-4763 first, before you spend any money or start a project.      

How to Acquire a Permit…       

Applications for building permits can be picked up at the City Hall.      

If you have a fax machine, one can be faxed to you.    

Once you get an application, complete the form and turn it in. We will be happy to assist you in filling out this form. It is important to have the 911 address of the location, your contractor's information and the estimated value of the work being done.   

Most projects require plans to be drawn and submitted for review.  This is when the various departments look over your plans to ensure  that your construction project will be in compliance with the construction codes and any local ordinances or state statutes. If your project is large and needs to be reviewed by several departments then three (3) sets of plans need to be submitted for review. This number is needed to ensure that most of the departments have their own copy and do not have to wait for the plans to be passed on to them. This does speed up your plan review process.     

The typical plan review process takes some time, depending on the amount of other projects under review at the time of your submittal.  Some permits can be issued over the counter while others will take longer to review.    

A list of departments involved in various plan reviews are as follows:    

               * Building Dept.    

               * Public Works    

               * Fire Dept.    

               * Health Dept. (Taney County)    

Residential Permits…    

New residential homes only require (3) sets of plans. We have developed a new checklist, which gives all the information that we need for residential plan review. Our goal is to make single family residence permits as easy as possible.


Once your project has been approved, you will be notified that the permit or permits are ready to be picked up and the fees that will be due.

The permit fees are calculated with the formula:      

Construction Permit = $4.25 per $1,000 of construction value, with a minimum of $45.00.       

For New Construction the fees for Sewer and Water are as follows:      

* Commercial Tap fee for sewer is $500      

* Commercial Tap fee for water is  $500      

* Commercial Water deposit is $200      

* Residential Tap fee for sewer is $500      

* Residential Tap fee for water is $500       

* Residential Water deposit is $100       

You may come into the City Hall and ask for clarification if you are required to pay any of the above fees.

The Inspection Process…

When you have received your permit and construction has begun, you will need to call in for periodic inspections. If you are unsure of which inspections you will need, do not hesitate to call and ask the building department. A good rule of thumb is: If you are going to cover it up, it most likely needs to be inspected. Examples would be before you pour concrete, install sheet rock, etc. If you are unsure about the need for an inspection, please feel free to call the Building Department.

The Appeal Process...

Those requesting exceptions to the Building Codes and City Ordinances may request an exemption by petitioning the Forsyth Board of Adjustments.  A letter outlining the request can be mailed or dropped off at City Hall at 15405 US Highway 160 in Forsyth.


At the City of Forsyth Building Department we are glad to answer any questions that is not covered on this web site. Please feel free to call us at (417) 546-4763

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